'What a multi-talented chap you are!' Sir David Attenborough

'I believe that the man has remarkable talent and that even a brief audition of his work would be convincing proof of his potential'. Fred Zinnemann, Director, 'High Noon', 'A Man for All Seasons', 'The Day of the Jackal'.

'Martin is intuitively able to detect, and unlock, the finest musical opportunities lying dormant within the rough cut of a film'. lain Smith, Producer, 'Cold Mountain', 'The Fifth Element', '1492'.

'I found Mr. Kiszko's work to be very beautiful, filled with lyrical moments and lush romantic orchestrations'. Penney Cox, Producer, Dreamworks, USA.

'You are indeed completely versed in how to write music for TV and cinema and also for the pure joy of listening.' Ken Annakin, Director 'Battle of the Bulge', 'Swiss Family Robinson', 'Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines.'

'There is power within a live musical event that is only available within that event. This goes beyond the music, the players, the audience and the performance space. These are all contributors; but the event is born, takes wing and becomes something entirely of itself. A wonderful evening.' Robert Fripp, Composer and King Crimson Guitarist re: World Premiere of 'A Radius of Curves'.

'Martin Kiszko's score for the BBC Natural History series about the insect world Alien Empire is quite simply one of the best ever written for a BBC programme'. Paul Place, 'Music from the Movies' magazine.

'His understanding that music is part of the storytelling of a film made an enormous contribution to these programmes both emotionally and dramatically. Martin is a meticulous perfectionist and it shows in the quality of his work.' Vadim Jean, Director.


'The Sea Star I found to be astounding! So inspired. I particularly like 'The Sky and The Stars' and 'Ave Maris Stella'. Your a cappella choir writing is especially beautiful and inspired.' Ron Gorow, Hollywood music arranger for Herb Albert, The Carpenters.

'The music has exceeded every expectation I had - and I have to say my expectations were high to begin with!' David Bell, Director BBC, 'Black Hearts in Battersea', 'Aquilla'.

'Your music for 'The Uninvited' is a triumph and adds immeasurably to the quality of the series. Everyone is commenting on it.' Ruth Boswell, Producer BBC/Zenith.

'...all superbly suited to the shadowy intrigues and moods of our central plot. From delicate love themes to terrifying night time chases the music continues to unpack, enhance and entertain.' Norman Stone, Director, 'Shadowlands', 'The Burston Rebellion', 'The Vision', 'Mandancin'.

'His orchestral compositions exerted their magic on 'Battle of The Sexes', feasting the ear as well as the eye. What more could a Producer want?' John Sparks Ex Head BBC NHU and Executive Producer.